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Daily Incense Series Bundle

Daily Incense Series Bundle

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This bundle consists of 2 items

  1.  Kangiiten Everyday Incense Series - Green Kynam 25g
  2.  Kangiiten Everyday Incense Series - Sandalwood 25g 

1. Kangiiten Daily Incense Series - Green Kynam 25g

While we would all love to light a single origin aloeswood incense stick made by incense maestro Kyarazen, however it is quite hard to do so due to limited quantities each release. So what we have here at Kangiiten is a top notch sustainable green kynam incense formulated by Kyarazen at optimised proportions.

This outperforms many incense sticks that are many more times more expensive or replete with synthethic additives. Delivering to the user the unmistakable yet clear kinamic top notes that pulls along a sweet Aquilaria Sinensis body. Economical yet great smelling for daily usage for agarwood incense lovers. Aloeswood with kinamic notes are highly prized throughout the ancient world for its clarity and grounding qualities which seem to facilitate the transmutation of ignorance to wisdom, and to calm the mind and body for relaxation or meditation. We invite you to enjoy in its positively beguiling fragrance on a daily basis.

2. Kangiiten Daily Incense Series - Sandalwood 25g

Mysore Sandalwood, the most desirable and the holy grail of the Sandalwood family, presents a woody, creamy, rich and calming scent for everyday use. Kangiiten believes that good natural fragrance can eliminate undesirable odor and negative thoughts. Its gentle and grounding scent can result in a more relaxed state of mind with positive energy and a renewed sense of self-love and hope.

We have searched high and low for the best source of aged Mysore sandalwood as the raw material for this Everyday series of incense. This is one of the best and purest Mysore Sandalwood extrusions on the market with unparalleled quality and naturally occurring floral notes.

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