Incense "Discovery Set"

Incense "Discovery Set"

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This Discovery set comprise of 3 types of incense curated by the Kangiiten team.  Mysore Sandalwood, Green Kynam Super and Kynam Clouds (Large).

× Mysore Sandalwood Incense (5 grams)

× Green Kynam Super (Shinkyara) (5 grams)

× Kynam Clouds (Large) (6 grams)

Enjoy 10% discount for this bundle purchase.

Mysore Sandalwood Incense

Lovingly made by a husband and wife team for a small community overseas using machine extrusion for hand kneaded incense dough, we think it is a hidden gem which we ought to share with everyone considering the price point and the quality of the raw materials.

While we reserve Kyarazen's artisanal incense for special occasions, here is good quality sandalwood incense which you can use on a daily basis and still derive joy from such price friendly olfactory offering. Make incense a part of your daily life or incorporate it into your meditation or study routine online or offline.

Mysore sandalwood santalum album incense when lit, releases volatile creamy floral notes which we all love. We hope that the smell brings you to grand palaces in Karnataka or the dense sandalwood groves in India.

Green Kynam Super

Best in class Sustainable Green kynam incense formulated by KZ at optimized proportions. This outperforms many incense sticks that are many times more expensive, including one that was almost 10x in price during a blind test. Clear kinamic top notes that pulls along a sweet Sinensis body, economical yet great smelling for daily usage.

Kynam Clouds (Large)

Kynam Clouds (Large). 50% thicker, 100% Sweeter Oud Smoke and 200% more Kinamic! Our updated formulation brings bolder shinkyara top notes, and similar to our Fleeting Clouds, is designed for convenient fumigating of rooms, spaces, clothing, masks, scarves and everything! 1 cloud incense will provide 100 - 120 minutes of consistent premium oud smoke, an effective, economical substitute for burning oud on charcoal.