Sandalwood Barrel Beads

Mysore Sandalwood Barrel Beads

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Santalum Album, the most desirable and the holy grail of the Sandalwood family, presents a woody, creamy, rich and calming scent. As the trees mature into decades and over a century old, the heartwoods become denser and denser. These beads hit a strong value for money as they are close the density of being sinking, having all the aromatic and textural benefits of "high grade sandalwood" and yet at a price fraction.

These are 10 x 10mm in size and 12 grams in weight.

All our precious Kangiiten beads and wearables come in a premium handmade paulownia box that are sourced from a Japanese atelier that has been making such boxes for the imperial palace to store precious items and treasures for centuries.