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兰韵水仙 / Orchid Fragrance Wuyi Shui Hsien

兰韵水仙 / Orchid Fragrance Wuyi Shui Hsien

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Gongfu Cha, 工夫茶 is not simply all about adding hot water to tea leaves and dispensing at different time intervals. The Essence of Gongfu Cha, is to skillfully achieve the taste and flavour profile control desired. There exist some super teas that are so easy to brew that not much skill is required, but there exist some teas of classical flavours that are astounding, but you can elevate your experience through skillful brewing.

To this end, KZ has selected three excellent and instructive microbatches of Yancha for Gongfu Cha Practice. Available in 48 grams per tin (6 packs of 8grams), which you can try brewing in different vessels, and with different steep durations to experience different taste and olfactory dimensions possible.

Orchid Fragrance Shuixian, which does not have any of the Old Bush character, but a youthful, vibrant floral note that can be well concentrated using gongfu tea brewing methods. 

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