Prof.Incense Trio Incense Bundle

Prof.Incense Trio Incense Bundle

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This bundle consists of 3 different types of incense.
1. Fusen Red Soil Agarwood Incense 5grams tube
2. Soil Ambon Agarwood Incense 5grams tube
3. Mysore Sandalwood Incense 5grams tube

Prof Incense – Fusen Red Soil.

Light a stick and be enthralled by the untainted purity and clarity, the cool melon skin tones and the vanillic sweet Vietnamese fragrant wood heart notes, the binder notes entirely invisible, resulting in elegant and clean calibrated smoke that allows you to take deep whiffs.

This is an incense from KZ’s student in Jiangsu, China, whom is a university professor with a deep passion for incense. Utilizing the purest vintage materials available in this debut production, and the latest binder blends and manufacturing methods of KZ, we present to you possibly one of the best Fusen Red Soil Agarwood sticks to ever reach the market, it beats all competition so far, and also has unbeatable pricing due to KZ’s insistence on responsible margins, and our dedication to bringing joy to your senses.

Prof Incense – Ambon Soil Agarwood

The Chinese Incense Market over the past century have been known to distinguish two main categories of Aloeswood scent profiles, the Sweet uplifting notes of northern aloeswoods being referred to as the “Hoi An” profile, whilst the Bold, woody and oudy, almost barbaric anti-thesis being known as the “Xing Zhou” 星洲 profile. This specially curated Ambon Soil material had been selected for its balance of its woody, earthy top notes, and its sweet bold oudy body/base notes. Perfect for fumigation, the scent profile in this incense is similarly clear and clean, and will bring you an immediate experience of its calming potential.

Prof Incense – Mysore Sandalwood.

A Square Extrusion that served as a technical challenge, black meat mysore sandalwood ground down, granularity calibrated and extruded into voluminous sticks that provides powerful sandalwood smoke.