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Wild Sinking Sumatora Hirta 1 gram (Legacy Series)

Wild Sinking Sumatora Hirta 1 gram (Legacy Series)

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Sinking Sumatora Hirta – 
With the scarcity of hon-kyara and its rather high price over the past years, it is a material that needs to be used sparingly. That said, we are digging into our collection archives and supply chain for other rare and top notch monkoh materials that can bring you significant olfactory joy. Many of these materials are at least 10 fold more economical, i.e. you can get ten to twenty grams for the price you pay for 0.5 gram of hon-kyara. This will form the new legacy series of fragrant woods, that we personally curate and enjoy, and look forward to sharing it with the rest of the world. The traditional 3 gram bottles that were previously available, are generally accurate references to be used for comparison or learning about localities. The legacy series goes beyond this, as the woods that qualify to fall into this category, are generally flawless and largely an olfactory treat, whether directly thrown onto charcoal or being heated in mon-koh style on a heater. 

Sumatora – 
Single origin, from one single log, Sinking grade, incredibly rich in resin, bearing ripe, animalic and hints of sour tones in the opening notes, evolving to lush humid green tropical jungle florals, interweaved with golden vanilla orchids. This is the best ultra rare hirta material to surface from sumatra, carved into a batch of beads that sold for almost a couple hundred thousand dollars. We fought for the bead spinning scraps and managed to procure it after many rounds of talks as we only come by this material once in a few years at this olfactory quality. Its monkoh profile is soothing, its mild sour animalic opening has a precious mild human musky vibe, and when heated properly, has the ability to transport you to a tranquil oasis. It brings you into the presence of a old japanese temple garden viewed from a dimly lit mellow wooden temple room with the still air bearing resinous traces of incense, the regular hollow knocks of the wooden fish, and secret mantras whispered under one’s breath. Whether for meditation, or looking for a moment of respite, or an alternative to hon-kyara, this Sumatora Hirta holds its fort with its condensed and dynamic olfactory experience.

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