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丝绸路の夢 - Dreams of the Silk Road 10g

丝绸路の夢 - Dreams of the Silk Road 10g

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Do you remember this little seal that was carved and that now appears on most of KZ’s boxes? This was a phrase from Zhuangzi, that marked a reclusive phase in KZ’s life, in only doing the things that are worth time and effort. There was once Zhuangzi dreamt of a butterfly, fluttering around being carefree and happy, when he suddenly woke up, he came to his senses, and was met with an identity conundrum, was he Zhuangzhou whom had dreamt that he was a butterfly, or was a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuangzhou? 

Taking an even deeper inspiration from this, and moving out from the reclusive state, can KZ’s incense products aspire to reach the level where beautiful scents can allow others a glimpse of relaxation, carefreeness and happiness? In parallel to Zhuangzi’s Dream of the Butterfly, this new KZ series is the Dream series, where ingredients of unrivalled qualities are made into iconic incense sticks that offer you some of the purest olfactory experiences. This series aim to present core notes that are the most pertinent to a region or a material’s identity. All of these incenses are carefully formulated, blended and then hand kneaded before being subjected to extrusion in a small press to form sticks at Kyarazen’s secret incense manufacturing facility.

丝绸路の夢 – Dreams of the Silk Road
The Silk Road was the predominant route by which the rarest and finest aromatic ingredients were traded. This incense, is made from five of the best and most costly aromatic ingredients, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Camphor, Deer Musk and Ambergris in a perfect harmonious integration that exudes opulence to the highest degrees, only worthy of kings and royalty during ancient times. The incense interweaves between elegantly sweet fragrant woods to smooth animalic musky tones, to lactonic ambergris bursts in the airiness created by camphor’s presence. Reminiscent of Kyarazen's famous Al Ghaliyah attar, this might truly be one of the most luxurious incense made to date with kinamic notes from the specially selected aloeswood used in this particular recipe.

Comes in a 10 grams tube.

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