Kangii means Great Joy.

At KANGIITEN, our Mission is to be a perpetual driving force in bringing boundless joy to the world.

Kangii Display Shelf

Bring a touch of chinoiserie into your tea space or tabletop! This beautifully lacquered display shelf with Kangiiten favourite shippo 七宝motifs on the perforated brass will allow you to showcase all the beautiful tea wares and pots you have collected.

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Black Meat Figured Mysore Sandalwood Slice

Sandalwood, Santalum album heartwood formation occurs when the tree starts to grow older and larger, with the heartwood being filled with aromatic oils in increasing concentration with age

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Auspicious Powder Blend Bundle

Auspicious powder blend is a new collaborative incense blend from Kz and a chinese Taoist medicine practitioner, the blend is warming, uplifting, full bodied, herbal and incredibly versatile, generating positive energies and vibes.

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