Collection: Shin Kyara

Shinkyara appeared on the incense market more than ten years ago in very miniscule amounts and we have spent many years tracking its supply and formation methods. Years ago, one of our partners, discovered old mother trees that have strong natural resination, and also the grafting method of the branches of the mother tree onto wild sinensis agarwood trees to accelerate resin formation. To this end, all the time, efforts and investments have paid off, allowing more shin-kyara to appear on the market, and also reaching the resination size and density to be crafted into amazing wearable beads with full oil and resin formation, all natural! Woody, vanillic, oudy kinamic profile, with high oil and resin density, imagine wearing one and being able to find aromatic solace whenever and wherever you are, be it in a middle of a meeting or a long drive to work.