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Elegant Bamboo Tube Censer

Elegant Bamboo Tube Censer

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This elegantly designed censer with its ornamental cover, crafted entirely from brass, emulates the natural form of bamboo with its joints and hollow interior symbolizing the spiritual and cultural virtues of modesty, restraint, and integrity. The plant's resilience represents flexibility and the strength to weather any storm without breaking. These values were highly sought after by ancient scholars and the ruling elite in ancient times. Golden bamboo leaves are intricately etched against a warm copper-red exterior, creating a striking visual contrast. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends nature's elegance with cultural symbolism, making it a perfect addition to any study room or office.

This censer is 4cm in diameter and 8cm in height.

Please note that the censer does not come with any incense, you can purchase our agarwood cloud incense or kynam cloud incense to go with it.

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