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Prosperity Double Coins Censer

Prosperity Double Coins Censer

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Introducing our exquisitely crafted brass alloy censer, a squarish, portable marvel designed to bring elegance and practicality to your incense rituals. This censer features a two-layered design, in one layer the actual stencil pattern used for the incense powder, while using the other for the actual fumigation or burning. Inspired by the huge square censers of the imperial palaces of Ancient China, particularly those prevalent during the Qing Dynasty, this censer embodies historical grandeur with a modern twist. Adorned with intricate motifs of two interlinked coins and the word 壽 "longevity" in seal script, symbolising perpetual prosperity and good fortune, it is perfect for enhancing your tea sessions or study session. Compact and beautifully designed, it seamlessly blends tradition with convenience, making it an ideal companion for your aromatic journeys.

This censer is 6.3cm by 6.3cm and 5.3cm in height.

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