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Samadhi (3ml) Attar

Samadhi (3ml) Attar

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Introducing "Samadhi," an attar inspired by a fragrant journey into Sowa Rigpa, the Ancient Medicine of the Himalayas. Crafted with insights from the five elements, three energies, and seasonal wisdom, Samadhi is a harmonious blend designed to draw out positive mental states for the wearer.

Derived from a rich palette of herbs, spices, and aromatic woods, this attar features precious elements such as Sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, and cardamom—each revered in ancient traditions for their ability to calm inner turbulence. In the pursuit of rare aromatics, the creator unearthed the essence of harmony, encapsulating the timeless wisdom of ancient medicinal traditions.

Samadhi, a limited creation, is warm and spicy yet gracefully leads one to a profound sense of calm. Ideal for the winter season, it acts as a sensory cocoon during gloomy days, inviting confidence and happiness into every moment. Embrace the serenity of Samadhi and elevate your olfactory experience.
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