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Ultrafine Premium Australia Sandalwood Joss Sticks

Ultrafine Premium Australia Sandalwood Joss Sticks

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Join us in revolutionizing the traditional joss stick experience with superior fragrance and sustainability. Meticulously crafted to offer the best natural scent possible. Our unique process involves using a special grade of bamboo, rendered almost odorless, and a precisely thin core of just 0.6 to 0.7mm. Featuring an incense coat around the stick of only approximately 0.4mm, this is the finest North Australian sandalwood we can get. Measuring 25cm long (with a 20cm burning length) and weighing a mere 0.4 grams each, each tube is 100g and contains over 200 sticks used traditionally for worship in Asian communities. This is a must buy for long term users who keen to try something natural instead of mass-produced chemical-laden, synthetically perfumed joss sticks which are usually bad smelling. Let the gods or deities smell somethng good from now on!

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