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Wild Brunei K Powder 5 grams (Tea Grade)

Wild Brunei K Powder 5 grams (Tea Grade)

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The Wild Brunei K “Tea” grade is a specially selected grade of Brunei K aloeswood that is selected for being exceptionally fragrant at room temperature and also when steeped or brewed in hot water or tea. It is a grade that has generally more volatile oils than resin content. This seldom comes to market as there are many tea collectors that hoard it. The agarwood’s own flavour blends in seamlessly with high quality aged tea especially when used or added into gaiwan/teapot during the later steeps of a high quality aged tea.T he powdered version is Exceptional for use in TCM compounding and formulation, or simply for taste, just a tiny speck into your tea gives it significant new dimensions. Dense! As u can see, 5g is barely just almost half a bottle.

Comes in 5 grams bottle.

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